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Whether you just started or have been operating your business for several years, LincTank has you covered. Our Products and Expertise have helped thousands of business owners operate at peak efficiency while driving more revenue. 



Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions to start, build, or expand your Business Dream. From Purchasing Equipment to Protecting Your Credit, LincTank has you covered 






Financing your equipment helps you get started faster, preserve cash, create sustainable ROI, and leverage tax benefits. Click Below to Apply Now. Order through one of our many Vendors OR from somewhere you are already working with. Credit Decisions and Funding can be SAME DAY in many instances. 




Is your credit in need of repair or building? Almost every person can say yes to that question. Our Partners are fast and efficient with a goal of getting your personal credit in position to use for your business ventures as quick as possible. Click below to get started today with NO OBLIGATION.




You are a business owner, and that MAKES YOU A TARGET. Your information is out there as public record and credit thieves have added incentive targeting business owners. EVERY business owner should have sufficient ID Protection, Credit Monitoring, and Insurance against being compromised. 



Processing and accepting payments via "plastic" is absolutely essential for any business. It is also absolutely overly expensive for MOST business owners because they set it and forget it. In the very least you should have a consult once per year to ensure you aren't overspending by THOUSANDS. 


Just Starting Your Business Can Be Confusing


A great place to start is LincTank's connected and affordable resources. Get your Federal Tax ID # immediately and at a fraction of the cost of most providers. Form your LLC with Experts filing FOR YOU and ensuring your LLC stays active. Have Experts and Attorneys at your finger tips to craft documents for your business. Have a Complete Business SWOT analysis done to provide a business plan road map to your success. 





Get Your Federal Tax ID

All Businesses should have a Federal Tax ID or EIN. The EIN is essential in keeping financials organized and required for business bank accounts. 

File Your LLC

Get an LLC Formed by Professionals Who Will Help You Every Step of the Way!


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Does your business show up in online directories? Is the Information Accurate? Find out, along with reviews, for online directories and ADD or FIX LISTINGS with a few clicks.



Do more than automate your email - activate your entire customer experience. Not just lead conversion, but, engaging those who do the most business with you - existing customers. 



Printed material for marketing is STILL one of the most effective forms of conversion. Low cost, high quality printing is HARD TO FIND on your own. Look no further. 

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Spend time creating wealth instead of trying to keep track of it. Efficient systems and operations are every bit as important as marketing. Protect your time. Protect your customer's experience. 






Balancing your books, client relationships, and business isn't easy. FreshBooks gives you the info and time you need to focus on your big picture. 


With Kajabi, your website connects everything about your business in one place. Your content, your marketing, your products… it all works seamlessly together so you can focus on your business instead of tech. 


Simple, functional, and powerful appointment scheduling software can help you grow and manage your business. Stay organized, book more clients, make more money.


Invoice clients, track work-time, get paid online. In your office, with a client, on a beach, create clients and send invoices in seconds. Customize and track EVERYTHING for an incredibly low monthly cost.  

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